Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on January 15, 2016


  • Added multiplayer-only Arena game mode.
  • Added Monolith Arena map.
  • Added Alpha Valley Arena map.
  • Added basic obstruction check to ray inputs. [Patched some exploits.]
  • Added browse workshop content button.
  • Added note #13.
  • Added high-res item icon .pngs to the Extras/Icons folder.


  • Improved sphere volume display in editor.


  • Tweaked debug info available.
  • Tweaked reject message for plugin use.
  • Tweaked player spawns to be more useful for mods.
  • Tweaked hiking/roadtrip achievement requirements.
  • Tweaked leave timer to not apply with 1 player or in safezone.


  • Fixed placing buildables inside player.
  • Fixed tutorial messages with hints disabled.
  • Fixed target framerate on dedicated server.
  • Fixed crash when run over by empty vehicle on server.
  • Fixed barricade interact range verification.
  • Fixed vehicle spawn ID error.

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