Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on December 04, 2015


The temperature system has been overhauled to make winter gameplay more interesting than simply rushing to the nearest clothing store! Clothing is instead a protective layer by increasing your resistance to the snow [same with warmblooded] before you start freezing and reducing the damage you take from cold weather. If you begin freezing you can find cover to temporarily warm up a bit, use a heatstim or settle down by a campfire.


You can now pick up buildable items if they have full health, or if they have been damaged you will get some of the ingredients back! This can be done by the player who placed it and the group they were in. Now that weapons are not needed to remove these most guns and melee do not damage them anymore, so explosives are your best bet to take down a base.

Update Notes


  • Added ability to pick up full health built items and scrap damaged ones.
  • Added new temperature system.
  • Added directional snow which decreases temperature when exposed.
  • Added colored umbrellas. [IDs 1122-1128]
  • Added heatstim. [ID 1129]
  • Added note #2/3/4.


  • Improved swimming in frozen water to start freezing player.
  • Improved campfires to provide warmth and burn player if inside.
  • Improved umbrellas to only affect downward velocity.
  • Improved bear model.
  • Improved cow model.
  • Improved animals to attack player in vehicle.


  • Tweaked most guns/melee to no longer damage buildables.
  • Tweaked display options to show refresh rate.
  • Tweaked animal neck edge alignment.
  • Tweaked snare to spawn at campsites.
  • Tweaked makeshift vehicles to drive well in snow.
  • Removed 3x damage multiplier against buildables from singleplayer.


  • Fixed building on edge of makeshift 6 seater.
  • Fixed fog turning on when exiting water.
  • Fixed animals following players underwater.
  • Fixed adding spawns without a table.
  • Fixed hitting passive animals on server.
  • Fixed pushing self when placing fence.
  • Fixed eating meat not providing health.
  • Fixed snare icon.

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