Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on October 30, 2015

Update Notes


  • Added support for interactable world objects.
  • Added ability to open/close fridges.
  • Added ability to raise/lower car lifts when powered.
  • Added ability to open/close gates and crossings when powered.
  • Added ability to turn traffic lights on/off when powered.
  • Added ability to open/close wardrobes.
  • Added new input networking system. [Note: 24 maxplayers is still recommended.]
  • Added new player/vehicle movement buffer.
  • Added new SSAO shader.
  • Added new item/object/vehicle outline shader.
  • Added "Outline Quality" graphics option.
  • Added option to mark object physics material as dynamic or static.
  • Added missing streetlights to Washington.


  • Improved key purchase to use Valve's new item store.


  • Removed MSAA due to intention to transition to deferred rendering.
  • Tweaked interact hint to search for target recursively.
  • Tweaked zubeknakov aimed accuracy to be only slightly worse than other ARs. Hipfire is still wider.


  • Fixed outfit jeans internal name/icon issue.
  • Fixed beard appearing in front of hockey mask.
  • Fixed pie name to pumpkin pie.
  • Fixed saving settings in some cases.
  • Fixed farms not dropping pumpkin seeds.
  • Fixed buffered unreliable packets sent from client.
  • Fixed some issues with when player is added to vehicle.
  • Fixed linux 64-bit installscript.
  • Fixed item icon photobooth origin.
  • Fixed vehicle parent after respawning.
  • Fixed splatters on dynamic objects.

Multiplayer Improvements

The multiplayer input system has been overhauled, and should lead to both much lower latency on servers and smoother movement for players/vehicles.

Interactable Objects

Several objects in the world can now be interacted with! In the future you can expect many more objects to receive interactability. This feature is also available for modders on the workshop!

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