Patch Information

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on October 09, 2015

This week I worked on separating out various Steamworks related features from one another (which should have been done from the start of development, if you have a time machine go tell Nelson to fix that). This will make working on the networking easier because it uses Steam's multiplayer API, and previously I had it entangled with other Steam features like workshop and achievements. Hopefully this cleanup will be finished with each service abstracted nicely for next week's patch. Rocket mods should be functional with these changes, as Sven [developer of Rocket] was kind enough to patch it with an early version of the update.There were also some minor fixes alongside improvements such as:

  • Improved skills menu. [In the future will also show current/next +stat% info]
  • Improved crafting menu readability.
  • Improved escape menu to pause game.
  • Improved settings to save after changes rather than when closing application.
  • Improved speciality to impact which skills are lost on death, no longer abusable.

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