Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on September 18, 2015

Washington Map

A new map set in Washington state is available to play now! With the military quickly deploying to try and prevent the spread of the infection you will find many more exciting PvP locations! It also features the biggest city in Unturned to date: Seattle. With this map being balanced more towards PvP PEI has been taken back a notch so that firearms are rarer and some of the locations to easily get weapons have been moved.If you have any ideas or feedback about these maps please let me know! There are quite likely some missing spawns or floating objects somewhere that will need fixing as well.

Edit: on 20/09/15

This patch fixed a few things for users with specific graphics cards and fixed pink materials on workshop content that has not updated to Unity 5 yet (which you should do!) The downloading process for workshop content from servers is also much better, but more details about that in next Friday. Update Notes


  • Added Washington state map.
  • Added military tower #3.
  • Added diner #3.
  • Added diner sign #1.
  • Added road tee cap #2.
  • Added lighting control over cloud blending color.


  • Improved cloud shader so dark maps can look nicer. [Requires tweaking by creator]
  • Updated to Unity 5.2.
  • Updated to Steamworks .NET 7.0.0.
  • Improved divine mythical effect.
  • Improved object editor to allow copying between levels.
  • Improved assets to cancel loading if inside official ID range.


  • Tweaked gun spawn rates lower on PEI.
  • Tweaked layout of PEI.
  • Tweaked chainsaw/blowtorch quality loss.
  • Tweaked bat/golfclub to not spawn on PEI/Yukon.
  • Tweaked low quality guns/melee to have a minimum damage.
  • Tweaked height of bridge #2 supports.
  • Tweaked sportshot gunshot sound.
  • Tweaked camera model size.
  • Tweaked midday water color on PEI.


  • Fixed slightly offset edges of bridge turn #2.
  • Fixed road model mipmap bug on map image.
  • Fixed racecar default spawn health.
  • Fixed quads vibrating all over the place.
  • Fixed sideways friction on vehicle wheels.
  • Fixed racecar to not have a horn.
  • Fixed mythical effect direction on magic cape.
  • Fixed toggling night vision right after loading into server.
  • Fixed school table model size.
  • Fixed yuri magazine to use ranger ammunition.
  • Fixed properly checking whether barricade is on vehicle.

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