Preview/Progress Report

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on August 08, 2015

It's about time that some new official maps are implemented into the game, and it looks like the first one is going to be set in the Yukon! Far in the Canadian North you can expect a harsh, cold climate with few signs of civilization.Where PEI offers an easier survival experience the Yukon is all about scavenging, improvising and struggling against the wilderness. You find yourself in the wreckage of a massive crash and must quickly find clothing and supplies to protect yourself from the freezing weather.You're not the only one up here however, Scorpion-7 seems to have been working on something in collaboration with their maniacal PEI division!Right now the map is visually close to completion, but some areas still need detail, spawns need to be placed and hopefully some new vehicles/items/animals will be added, too. If all goes well will be ready for next Friday (the 14th of August), but if not there will be a progress report to let you know.

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