Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on July 21, 2015


  • Added focus camera tool for cinematic pans. [default F4]
  • Added filter command to enable the old name filter.


  • Improved inventory to show clothing icons and quality.
  • Improved storage to drop items when destroyed.
  • Improved camera tool to work while in vehicles.
  • Improved helmets/vests to be scrappable/repairable with metal.


  • Tweaked camera tool to be useable on server when admin.
  • Tweaked clothing quality to not go down in easy mode.


  • Fixed vehicle bumper collision issue.
  • Fixed singleplayer to not start listen server.
  • Fixed interacting in camera tool.
Note: This should fix the crash when loading Linux singleplayer on 64-bit machines.

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