Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on July 20, 2015


  • Added safezone nodes to the level editor.
  • Added quality to clothing. Lower quality has less armor benefit. Quality decreases when damage is taken.
  • Added repair blueprints for shirts/pants/hats/vests.
  • Added ability to use basic 3rd person camera tools in singleplayer. [F1-3 by default.]
  • Added executable specifically for 64-bit Linux servers.


  • Improved zombies to take armor into account when attacking players. Different zombies target different body parts, ie crawlers damage pants while mega zombies damage helmets.


  • Tweaked crawlers to do 2x damage.
  • Tweaked sprinters to do 0.75x damage.


  • Fixed a possible cause of getting stuck on the loading screen.
  • Fixed vehicle running into its own barricades.
  • Fixed using clothing/consumeable when safe.
  • Fixed getting stuck behind crate in scorpion 7 on PEI.
  • Fixed getting stuck behind bed in prison cell on PEI.
  • Fixed zombie materials.
  • Fixed loading zombie textures.
  • Fixed loading good/bad outline material.
  • Fixed scrapping the engineer hat.
  • Fixed Hawkhound to repair with maple planks. [Pine trees are repurposed for another map.]
  • Fixed filling desert eagle magazines with civilian ammo.

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