Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on June 21, 2015

Hello!If you're interested in testing out this upcoming update head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access by right clicking on Unturned in your Steam library, selecting properties, navigating to the Betas tab and entering the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF".

Update Notes


  • Upgraded to the Unity 5 game engine! [Previously using Unity 4][/list]


      [*]Added 64-bit versions.
  • Added support for more objects per map.
  • Added new lighting editor and backend.
  • Added gradient skybox.
  • Added all official content to the new asset system.
  • Improvements

    • Improved OSX/Linux performance.
    • Improved memory usage.
    • Improved day/night code.


    • Tweaked cobra to accept military barrels.
    • Tweaked rocket damage and blast radius lower.
    • Tweaked rocket speed a bit lower.
    • Tweaked honeybadger to fit in secondary slot.
    • Tweaked shadowstalker barricade/structure damage higher.
    • Tweaked metal can recipe lower.
    • Tweaked metal gate recipe lower.
    • Tweaked tape to also be craftable with glue.
    • Tweaked bedroll/campfire spawn rate lower.
    • Tweaked minimum mega zombie singleplayer spawn time lower.


    • Fixed singleplayer to not unload structure regions.
    • Fixed vehicle navigation affected by zombies.
    • Fixed loading a few specific items.
    • Fixed grenades duplicating when throwing.
    • Fixed explosion blocking detect range.
    • Fixed level borders casting shadows.
    • Fixed shared folder size.
    • Fixed loading mod content from offical folders.
    • Fixed resetting some materials.
    • Fixed barbed wire icon blur.
    • Fixed error with ambient occlusion.
    • Fixed order of dashboard hotkeys.
    • Fixed item region model check.
    • Fixed dedicated server ignoring alert noises.

    Custom Maps

    Several updates to maps are recommended to keep up to date:[olist][*]Tweak the lighting on your map to take advantage of the new ambient and sky options, or copy over the most recent Lighting file from the Bundles/Level folder to your Map/Lighting folder.[*]Copy over the most recent Materials file from the Bundles/Level folder to your Map/Terrain folder. This fixes them to work with the new physically based rendering of Unity 5.[*]Copy over the most recent Details file from the Bundles/Level folder to your Map/Terrain folder. This fixes the change in detail texture brightness with Unity 5.[/olist]

    Custom Content

    Unity 5 is now entirely open and supports the asset bundles Unturned uses for custom content out of the box. If you're interested in creating your own workshop mods you can check out Unity 5 personal edition.For authors of existing custom content you will need to re-export your bundles using Unity 5 to get them fully functional with the game again. They should work as is, but the shaders will likely appear odd and the audio might not play. It is recommended to swap over to the new standard shader.Proper documentation for creating these will be available soon, although there are currently some very helpful user-made guides and tutorials.

    Bug Reporting

    Upon first converting to Unity 5 the game was a crazy mess to see. Vehicles were flying around the sky, the graphics were barely recognizable and the audio was a cacophony of strange noises. For the most part everything is working fine again, but if you notice any weirdness going on be sure to report it. Quite likely it's something I didn't notice when upgrading the game.Thanks for reading!

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