Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on November 01, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you can join with the password "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF"It's hard to believe, but we're at the end of the October roadmap. Tomorrow you can expect the November roadmap which will detail the addition of the rest of features from 2.0!


  • Added grouping functionality. Join a group in the survivors tab to benefit.
  • Added ability to take clothes off by clicking on player. (Way better than 2.0!)
  • Added ability to put clothes on by dragging onto player.
  • Added ability to dequip items by clicking on player.
  • Added ability to equip items by dragging onto player.
  • Added ability to drop items by clicking out the grid.
  • Added ability to hold control while clicking on an item to equip, dequip or drop it.
  • Added some new connection cleanup features to hopefully increase server performance.
  • Added day and night commands. (Easy shortcut to Time command.)
  • Added basic boulder and tunnel models.
  • Added caved-in tunnel to the Devtest map.
  • Added new character customization retrival system that fixes several loading issues, improves performance and opens loads of new future possibilites.


  • Improved appearance of inventory items by removing button backdrop.
  • Replaced kill command with slay. (Kills and permanently bans.)
  • Items can be dequipped by clicking dequip when an item is selected in the inventory.
  • Selected items are no longer dequipped when dragging into the same slot.
  • The map borders are scaled with map size so that 512x512 maps are not really impacted, however the border exists so that when skyboxes are implemented there is a nice transition between the inside and outside of the level.


  • Increased crate draw distance.


  • Fixed stamina to remain synced between server and client.
  • Fixed one of the major causes of the remaining rubberbanding in multiplayer.
  • Fixed stance changes to be handled on the server properly fixing infinite stamina exploits.
  • Fixed voice chatting after tabbing out.
  • Fixed being able to voice chat while dead.
  • Fixed all zombie spawnspoints changing color when editing one.
  • Fixed a bug with old clothing being duplicated.
  • Fixed a performance issue with the player skeleton.
  • Fixed a bug with physics related to clothing.
  • Fixed several bugs with the inventory system.
  • Fixed asking the server to dequip.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing road keys with no road selected.
I hope you all have a great Halloween! :)Thanks for reading!

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