Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on October 27, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you can join with the password "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF"EDIT: Oops, this accidentally overwrote the Update Notes from yesterday. added a ton of features such as voice chat.The new server performance tools added in this update will make it a lot easier to determine what needs to be optimized most, and hopefully even after the tweaks in this one you'll notice some boosts especially regarding zombies. I believe I've tracked down one of the core issues, but it's something to do with Steamworks library that I'll have to ask Valve about.


  • Added some new tools to profile the server which will allow some crazy optimizations!
  • Added new systems to make zombies not congo-line quite as much.
  • Added new singleplayer item respawn system that functions similarly to the singleplayer zombie respawns.
  • Added volume propety to barrels.


  • Optimized animation performance.
  • Optimized server-side hitboxes.
  • Optimized server-side physics.
  • Optimized some performance issues caused by lag compensation.


  • Reduced volume of silencer.


  • Fixed zombie respawning system going way too fast.
  • Fixed zombies respawning near other zombies in multiplayer.
  • Fixed zombies not damaging players due to a quick patch from last night.
  • Fixed zombies sometimes wandering away and then becoming impossible to alert.
  • Fixed dedicated servers not correctly loading zombie data.
  • Fixed a crash with the chat.
  • Fixed a crash related to zombie movement.
From the sounds of things you guys like the zones idea! I'm not sure if I'll have one in my maps, but certainly it should be a feature at some point either in the editor or perhaps something buildable in game? The next few days are shaping up to be quite busy with non-Unturned stuff, but hopefully a reasonable number of things can get done. Specifically I really want to get the grouping system in before the end of the month! :)Thanks for reading!

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