Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on October 25, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you can join with the password "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF"Roar! Zombies are now in 3.0! They are far superior to the 2.0 zombies in many ways such as gameplay, customization, pathfinding and optimization:Zombies in 3.0 are built to be expanded over time for a much wider variety of zombie types, and are open to many new features such as how you can now sneak up behind them, or how the full moon increases their strength and swarming capabilities. With the editor, for example, you can fully customize what they look like for whatever zombie you need for your map! Astronaut zombies here we come. (If nobody makes a Mars map I'm adding one when Workshop is fully ready!)In terms of optimization they use a much better suited pathfinding library for increased performance, and are networked in such a way as to dramatically reduce bandwidth and cheating.


  • Added new visualizations of the map borders and navigation.
  • Added moon cycles updating in-game.
  • Added blood option.
  • Added options for zombie loot table and chance of clothing.


  • Improved navmesh saving system to take less time and only save when a change is made.
  • Improved navmesh generation quality.


  • Increased IP field max limit to 64.
  • Increased length of hitmarker.
  • Tweaked amount of recoil.
  • Increased nighttime brightness to make it more fun.
  • Increased map border width.


  • Fixed a silly bug that broke hit detection in some situations especially with melee.
  • Fixed timing of damage with strong melee swing.
  • Fixed player to only be visible after clothing is loaded.
  • Fixed being able to chance stances while midair. (Sprint jumping is still allowed.)
  • Fixed getting locked when respawning or teleporting.
  • Fixed some cases where the loading screen would disappear before loading was done.
  • Fixed death screen to be black and white.
  • Fixed gun audio to not play only in the right speaker.
  • Fixed Steam name to update when on the menu and editing externally.
  • Fixed road textures stretching out at long range.
  • Fixed server and client stance getting out of sync when respawning.
  • Fixed scopes to spawn.
  • Fixed flickering of bullet holes.
  • Fixed scope sensitivity when dequipping while aiming.
  • Fixed time and cycle commands to take immediate effect in singleplayer.
  • Fixed spelling of suppressor.
The last bit of October will be spent ticking things off the miscellaneous list on Trello, fixing bugs with zombies and getting the rest of the communication features such as voice chat in. You can expect November to be a very exciting month for Unturned 3.0.Please keep in mind that the zombies currently have no audio and very few animations, but this is just the first iteration to test their core gameplay.


GamerGuy"Is there a date for when unturned will update or 3.0 is finished?"> You can expect updates to 3.0 every few days, and now that the core aspects of the game are in you can expect the full release of 3.0 sometime in the next month or two with even more content than 2.0!Thanks for reading!

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