Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on October 14, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you can join with the password "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF"I'll also be working on swapping a lot of the file writing related things to a new class specifically for handling large amounts of data, as well as fixing some issues with packet routing that result in odd behavior such as teleporting.Work on the last bit of the October Roadmap (Pathfinding/Zombies) will start after these three things are done, which should be sometime in the next few days.


  • Added Timberwolf.
  • Added teleport command.
  • Added say command.
  • Added chat.
  • Added running commands as admin by prefixing with @.
  • Added player list.
  • Added bolt action rifle category.
  • Added caliber system to attachments.
  • Added dual-render scope system.
  • Added sensitivity adjustment when aiming.
  • Added more server-side filters to keep out odd names.
  • Added muzzle parameter to guns.


  • Gun audio range is equivelant to damage range.
  • Improved viewmodel rotation system.
  • Moved hitmarkers to client side.
  • Improved the rest of commands to use all types of player.


  • Increased physics update rate.
  • Renamed AR32 to Eaglefire.
  • Increased tooltip box size.
  • Increased respawn rate.
  • Decreased cloud and star movement speed.


  • Fixed updating the inventory player with attachment updates.
  • Fixed duplicating attachments.
  • Fixed big magazines unloading into small magazines.
  • Fixed a savedata crash when odd letters were used.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by odd names.
  • Fixed lights flashing.
  • Fixed reloading when already reloading due to lag.
  • Fixed a bug with picking up items.
  • Fixed item drop position on dead player when rejoining region.
  • Fixed pickup animation when prone and crouched.
  • Fixed clothing to draw at long ranges of player.
  • Fixed base of street light being red.
  • Fixed aiming with no sights.
  • Fixed beard and hair draw distance.
  • Fixed server character name.
  • Fixed sprinting when pressing sprint before moving.
  • Fixed attachments screen getting stuck on display after death.
  • Fixed firing with safety on when shooting.
  • Fixed inventory crash caused by changed item sizes.
  • Fixed car lift collision.
  • Fixed all menu map lists to stay in sync.
  • Fixed a bug when a localization file didn't exist.
  • Fixed UI replacements for Gold members only.
  • Fixed flickering muzzle flash.
  • Fixed text field label offset issues.
  • Fixed a crash loading the server playerlist.
  • Updated to a Unity 4.5.4p3 to fix some Unity related issues. (Losing connection when tabbing out of fullscreen.)
A big thanks to you guys for reporting so many bugs, and to Shadow for putting them into a nice list! I hope you all had a nice thanksgiving! :)(Assuming you live in Canada, it's a different day in other parts of the world.)Today to wrap up there's a special video:Entak let me onto his show to do an interview about things going on with 3.0!http://youtu.be/r9i9YCU1fCwThanks for reading!

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