Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on October 11, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you can join with the password "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF"This patch fixes a lot of the bugs from yesterday, but I'm not sure that it fixes the mass-disconnection issue. Be sure to me know when you find any bugs that may have resulted from the server side input processing! :)


  • Added new positiontal correction system to reduce wrongful checks.
  • Added better clientside view interpolation to fix jittery movement.
  • Added seaside and cliffside audio.


  • Improved max quality water performance.
  • Improved simulation performance.
  • Improved ping display to take more than one sample.


  • Swapped input packets to send instantly as UDP. -
  • Reduced volume of silencer.
  • Increased width of filing cabinet.


  • Fixed inventory state updating, such as reload not applying in singleplayer.
  • Fixed removing items from the inventory.
  • Fixed using items after already starting using them.
  • Fixed a copy paste bug in the editor.
  • Fixed most likely cause of slow motion bug.
  • Fixed most likely cause of "teleporting to other players" bug.
  • Fixed hashing of SDG namespace.
  • Fixed clouds clipping into the sun and moon.
One other bug that a few of you have reported is one where some of the buttons on the menu get disabled. If this happens to you please post a bug report with your output_log.txt file in Unturned_Data, as well as what things you did leading up to this issue.


BencuriouszHUN"I started to translate your game into Hungarian, but if I use this letters: (á, ö, ő, ó, ú, ü, ű, é, í) then that's all I see in the game: (?) ... (?) ... (?).... etc"> When creating a localization/translation for 3.0 be sure to use the UTF-8 format, as that's what the game looks for.Thanks for reading!

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