Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on October 11, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you can join with the password "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF"This update really solidifies the anti-cheat for 3.0. Beforehand things like verifying who people were was implemented, but it was still possible to fly, go through walls, speedhack, etc. As of this update the majority of cheats are not possible anymore. Likely a few exploits will be found, but these will be fixed as they're reported.I'd appreciate it if you would test literally everything game related in 3.0 now because a few things will probably be broken especially in multiplayer. The hit detection may also still be a bit iffy, so be sure to comment on it. Now that everything is server side properly the bugs from the last update such as sliding around should not happen.


  • Added drum magazine.
  • Added firerate property to guns.
  • Added parking line model for lots.
  • Added ping to FPS debug.
  • Added black and white near death effect.


  • Improved style of inventory icons.
  • Resources are saved with higher position position which fixes a tree position bug and opens the possibility for tree placement tools.
  • Resource placement is now affected by material chance and overgrowth.
  • The most full magazine is chosen to reload.
  • Empty magazines don't show up in the attachment list.


  • Reduced default ping kick to 750ms.
  • Removed tickrate command.


  • Fixed a crash on maps with no item spawns.
  • Fixed an inventory loading bug.
  • Fixed inventory open animation.
I'd also appreciate any feedback you have on the new inventory icons! Are they better, worse, or should only specific items use this style?The next few days will be patching this update up as bugs are found, then onto the zombie pathfinding! Fortunately everything still seems on the track of the October Roadmap.


Dr. Pan"A while back, you said in your livestream that only sniper rifles would have bullet drop, is this still true and what are you else changing with guns in general?"> Bullet drop is an example of something that is now possible that the input is done server side! Previously it would have been frustrating missing shots while hackers didn't have to worry, but going forward there is a possibility that weapons such as bows and snipers will be bullet drop.Technickel"Is gold membership going to have special perks again? Not sure if you answered that or not.">Everything Gold members have in 2.0 and more is being added to 3.0. Currently some things are still missing such as the new (way better) suit, singleplayer Gold options, etc.Thanks for reading!

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