Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on October 04, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you'll have to go read the Black Box update.


  • Added first basis for server side input.
  • Added silencer audio.
  • Added recoil multipliers to the vertical grip.
  • Added localization support for Equip and Drop buttons.
  • Added jump key binding.
  • Added new higher accuracy server time syncing system.
  • Added ping information to clients and investigate commands.
  • Added timeout command to server. (Ping threshhold.)


  • Removed unnecessary information from various player commands. All information for a player is available with the investigate command.
  • Hotkeys no longer show on unequipable items.
  • Equip button no longer shows up in inventory when selecting inequipable items.


  • Increased networking precision of look direction to allow proper aim calculation server side.


  • Fixed playerlist savedata overflowing the buffer.
  • Fixed dragged item getting selected.
  • Fixed UI to rebuild 0.1s after the screen resizes.
  • Fixed firemode swapping after changing state.
  • Fixed some display issues with the investigate command.
You will likely notice some issues with movement on servers now, but these will be fixed and smoothed out over time. This initial test of the server side input is to make sure that it's no longer possible to speedhack, flyhack, noclip, etc. The hit detection is also a bit iffy right now as the lag compensation is not implemented yet.While it was still nice out I recorded a ton of new footstep audio which should be in-game soon as well! The rest of the input things will be fixed first, however.


Mister Manager"I'm building a huge map in the preview... Will it be erased when the 3.0 update gets installed?"> All maps created with the current version of 3.0 should mostly be functional with the full release, although many things are likely to change such as the way item spawnpoint savedata is stored. (Items need to be swapped to per-region savedata.)Kemrick"So I was wondering if you would be implementing perhaps a side rail on some military guns for laser sight, tactical lights and etc. so you can also have grips?"> That's a pretty cool idea, and would solve the problem of putting bipods on guns that shouldn't have them. Once there is an attachment that would go nicely with this feature I will look into it.maksimw3w2"nelson why don't you add a optional controller support?"> The user interface currently wouldn't work very nicely with controllers, although further down the line there is a very small chance that this could be implemented.Thanks for reading!

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