Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on September 28, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you'll have to go read the Black Box update.


  • Added singleplayer into 3.0. - Much testing needed.
  • Added default settings to new maps.
  • Added invisible barriers around the map.
  • Added random scaling to resources.
  • Added icons to level buttons.
  • Added filters for passworded and dedicated servers.
  • Added ping info to in-game server list.


  • Improved the way that clouds are drawn.
  • Split apart road and path savedata.


  • Increased maximum player fall speed.
  • Increased spawn rate of all items on Devtest map.
  • Increased foliage quality on high and reduced quality on low.
  • Increased physical recoil on AR32.
  • Reduced max players to 24 for the mean time.


  • Fixed server filters in-game to use 100% master server. Thanks Riley!
  • Fixed black texture borders around the map.
  • Fixed connecting to dot decimal notation IPs outside of the game.
  • Fixed IP field to accept only 4 bytes.
  • Fixed crashes with connect button.
  • Fixed major rubberbanding, some fixes still needed.
  • Fixed spawning in levels with no player spawnpoints.
  • Fixed item drag offset when scrolled down.
Singleplayer likely is more buggy than multiplayer at this point, so be sure to report weird things. Hopefully it will make map creation easier because you can quickly hop in-game. One side effect is that the "Singleplayer" ServerID is now reserved. Perhaps sometime in the future we will see the return of in-game hosted servers, but that would require even more radical changes than occurred today. Water is temporarily disabled as I was experimenting with its asthetics, but tomorrow there should be some new things related to that.Now that the comments section has cooled down a bit it's time for the return of the feedback section! Every day I choose several interesting comments and post my replies:



"Please add an Undo button for map edit mode."> Adding undo functionality is high priority, but more complicated than you may think. Once the more glaring issues with 3.0 are resolved I will begin working on this, starting with things like undoing object movements.


"Are you gonna add new things to preview branch?"> Yes. There are many new features and new content to come. Near the start of October you guys can expect a post outlining the monthly roadmap.


"Hopefully, we will eventually have a host button capable of working with Mac as well."> The server hosting is untested on mac, but can likely be run through its equivalent of the command prompt. In the future there will probably be Linux server support as well.Thanks for reading!

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