3.0 Overgrowth

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on September 10, 2014

Hello!In case you don't know, right now Unturned is going through a massive overhaul for optimizations, dedicated servers on the steam server list, VAC, workshop and overall better networking which is not currently on the public branch. 3.0 refers to said upcoming update, and 2.0 to the existing version of the game. Just to be clear: the following features are in 3.0, not 2.0.The past couple days several thousand of you showed up the the development streams and provided amazing feedback to help shape the initial test level for 3.0.One highly requested change is that the levels become more apocalyptic, so the map is experimenting with things like overgrowth, wreckage and broken objects. This should also provide interesting new gameplay aspects like climbing through the wreckage of destroyed buildings.Some other huge new changes are related to the amount of detail in the level: there shouldn't be as much repetition of assets (for example seeing the same house all over P.E.I) and the amount of object clutter is much higher and interesting.It seems that school is turning out to be more busy than I expected, but hopefully everything will stabilize soon. In the mean time I'll be working on this map when I can, and occasionally streaming to get more ideas from you guys. You can expect the next news post once the map is nearing completion.Thanks for reading!

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