3.0 Menu

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on September 03, 2014

Hello!In case you don't know, right now Unturned is going through a massive overhaul for optimizations, dedicated servers on the steam server list, VAC, workshop and overall better networking which is not currently on the public branch. 3.0 refers to said upcoming update, and 2.0 to the existing version of the game. Just to be clear: the following features are in 3.0, not 2.0.The last few days I've been working on getting all of the functionality into the main menu with some of the following key new features:(The menu is not finalized and will likely change dramatically over the next few months, but for now it's structured similarly to the editor interface.)-After posting a query on twitter the majority of community suggested specialty ideas are now in, but for now I'm staying away from things like military/bandit/police classes. -If you have a Gold account you now have complete control over your hair/skin colors with RGB inputs.-You can choose from a list of resolutions now rather than dragging a slider. If people want the slider can make a return in accompaniment to the list, however. -The server list is available underneath the Play menu. Some things such as filters and icons still need to implemented for this.I was originally planning to have a video for you today, but this post is sort of last minute and it turns out school actually starts tomorrow! Fortunately I think that school will re-motivate me to get more stuff done for Unturned, as lately I've been slacking off playing some other games. : )The next several days I'll be focusing on improving gameplay. You can expect more news on Friday.There was a minor patch today to 2.0, it fixed a few things as well as an exploit with garage doors.Thanks for reading!

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