3.0 Inventory Revamped

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on August 19, 2014

Hello!In case you don't know, right now Unturned is going through a massive overhaul for optimizations, dedicated servers on the steam server list, VAC, workshop and overall better networking which isn't currently on the public branch.The last few days I've been worked on the following new things:-The public editor supports 8 ground materials (2 splatmaps) at a time now with 4x the resolution, as well as the abilities to mark which ones should have grass and rock details on them. The details tab allows you to configure all your grass and rocks. -The inventory has gone from a slot-based system on Friday to an entirely new grid-based system today! It allows you to store items in your clothes that have storage, and will add a whole new dynamic to looting. The UI is completely placeholder, however, and I'll be working on some new aspects for it over the next few days.-Rather than only having one character you can now create several and customize each one individually with a name, appearance and specialty. Gold members get extra character slots! -Every player on the server gets allocated a unique 16-bit identity that will making moderating even easier because it is associated with your SteamID, username, etc. This means someone can report a player by username, and even if the offending player leaves the host can easily look them up and investigate them.The next several days I'll be working on improving the inventory even more, upgrading the day/night cycle and adding the ability to construct roads/buildings in the editor! (Right now that new barn was directly imported.) You can expect the next update on Thursday. Thanks for reading!

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