New Page Layout!

by CurtChan

Posted on December 08, 2016

Lots of changes happening recently on our page, which are meant to provide better and easier access for desktop users as well as for mobile users.

It should be now much easier to navigate through the UnturnedCompanion using your phone and it will be slowly optimized even more.

Other recent changes to the page:

  • Added About section to the page.
  • Added inventory rankings
  • Added giveaways section and FAQ, both can be found here.
  • Raised number of top inventories from 5 to 25. The full inventory ranking should become available some day in future.
  • Recently added skins, items, vehicles and recently checked inventories are now visible from the main page. They are limited to 5 of each for now.
  • Added blog-aspect to the page, split by categories which can be found at home page, below recently added skins, items, etc.., right now there are 4 categories:

One of the categories added is 'Community Creations'. User created content will be posted there, anyone might get their chance to have their work shared and viewed by wider audience, all you have to do is contact us and if we will find it good, it might even get promoted on the main page! :)

We plan to keep you updated more often about what was, and maybe what will be done/added in future. So expect a post like that from time to time, summarizing all the new mention-worth stuff!

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