Unturned Companion changelog - February 2019

by CurtChan

Posted on February 28, 2019

A short changelog on what have been added during February 2019

Unturned Communities

Unturned Communities is a new Unturned scoped project which purpose is to give players a simple and easy to use way of finding community related to where they live or what they are interested in. The tool is planned to be extended in following months, so expect new communities appear there and more features available for it.

Item Rarities pages

List of Unturned item rarities and subpages for each item rarity (like for rare) have been added, these allow for quicker look-up of items that you might be interested in. Similar functionality is planned to be added for vehicles and skins in following months.

Item Types pages

Probably one of the most usable features added this month - Item types pages, which allow you for quick search for type-related items. Additionally each item type page displays most important attributes which allow for INSTANT comparision of related items. Example of those pages and what they display:

  • Guns: Range, Player Damage, Zombie Damage, Firerate
  • Food: Health, Food, Water
  • Water: Food, Water, Energy, Virus
  • Medical: Health, Energy, Disinfectant, Warmth

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