Community Creations

Content by users - for users. Videos, custom skins, mods, etc. Would like your creation to be added? Contact us and if it will be good, we will be more than happy to share it.

ToxicityGaming New Mods Sneakpeek

ToxicityGaming soon will be out with another bunch of mods. Check out their trailer!

UnturnedCompanion Review by SomebodyOnEarth

And another youtuber did a video about UnturnedCompanion, summing it up as it is now. Big thanks to him, go hit him a sub if you haven't yet and check out his awesome videos!

The History of Nelson Sexton and Smartly Dressed Games

Ever wondered how it all started? What was the Unturned like in the past? How Unturned became one of the most played and known games on Steam?
See the video by SomebodyOnEarth and unveil the history!

Paper Craft Unturned Items

Some players are creating custom Rocket mods. Some feel creative and are designing new Unturned Skins. And some... Some are just unique.

Custom Unturned paperart character

Infected Collection by dC^

Dive into immersive gameplay with skins from this amazing collection by dC^

One of them - Infected Zubeknakov - was already added recently to Unturned, but there are many more! Our favourite is the Infected Augewehr, just take a look at this beauty...