Update Notes


In celebration of Halloween until the next update you will now get dropped Halloween Gift Presents filled with free costumes, and can visit the Liberator to find the crew all dressed up! The biggest wave yet of mostly spooky curated workshop items was also accepted and now available on the Stockpile if you'd like to take a look: Update Notes

Update Notes


  • Added traitor uncovering questline.
  • Added lightningstrike boss zombie quest for Ensign Cliff.
  • Added groundpounder boss zombie quest for Peter.
  • Added flamethrower boss zombie quest for Norbert.
  • Added config options to include boss zombies in spawns.
  • Added ability to track a quest in the HUD.
  • Added Industrial Gas Can.
  • Added NPC/dialogue/quest/vendor documentation to workshop documentation.
  • Added deferred decal support and converted many decal-like objects to use it. Update Notes

Update Notes


  • Added Lieutenant Oswald in charge of scouting the area.
  • Added Doc Ernie blueprint unlocks/dialogue.
  • Added Mechanic's engine repair quest.
  • Added Medic's research recovery quest.
  • Added Ensign Franklin to buy replacement uniforms from.
  • Added Nautical Nuisance quest for Rusty.
  • Added assorted filler NPCs with dialogue.
  • Added Quadbarrel.
  • Added Bayonet. Update Notes


This week I improved and expanded a lot of the NPC features, added the ability to have objects tied to quests e.g. fixing the map's radio towers, added the Liberator/new objects to Russia and got started filling it with characters/quests. If you do visit the Liberator there are several interesting quests, but be warned it feels very empty without all the dialogue complete/missing characters.

NPCs Progress Report

This week I've been working on the backend/functionality for NPCs and I'm quite happy about the amount of progress so far!

Characters are created with a new object type where you specify all the clothes, gear, equipped items, hair, etc you want them to have and then can be placed in the level editor. They have plenty of unique idle animations, look around, inspect their items and will look at you when you're standing next to them or talking to them so they aren't static like most objects!


Unturned Companion Server

TPA, Starter kit, Hawaii map