Update 2.1.4



Fixed teleporting tree stumps and thank you so much, we managed to get into the #3 spot on Steam! That's nuts.Today on the stream over 6,000 people showed up to ask questions and help design the new town! It even resulted in the creation of two new buildings, the butcher and the gun shop.

Update 2.1.3

Hello!Tomorrow morning at around 10:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time I'll be streaming work on a new town in PEI on my Twitch channel Dev_Nelson, so come hang out and provide some feedback or ask questions!Today I got a ton of progress done on the Steam server integration and learned a lot about how they work which will be really helpful. I even got the chance to talk to rlabrecque some more and he's doing some fantastic work improving the C++ to C# workflow, so thanks to him Steam servers will be coming sooner than originally expected!

Update 2.1.1

Hello!Today 2 dedicated game server companies contacted me asking about getting out massive Unturned servers! The game just needs the Steamworks servers integrated with SteamCMD before that can happen though.Additions:-Added the miner helmet1 construction helmet + 1 torch = 1 miner helmet2 rags = 1 bandage2 bandage = 1 dressing-Added the option to respawn at your bed.-Added a 10 second cooldown on PvP for bed respawns.-Added message for version mismatch.-Added the ability to put shutters on walls to protect ladders.-Added keybinds for turning nvgs on/off, dropping items and dequiping items.

Top #5!!

Hello!Edit: Top #4?!?!?Wow everybody I literally never even considered Unturned would be doing this well, thank you SO SO much for all your support and I really appreciate how helpful you've all been in the progress of the game so far. You're all obviously having fun and playing the game a lot which has brought it up to the #5 spot on Steam, but I'll be doing my best to make it even more fun going forward! : )

Update 2.1.0

Hello!Today I got to talk to the amazing rlabrecque, coder of the C++ to C# Steamworks.NET wrapper, and he says he's working on improving some of the networking code which will really speed up the integration into Unturned. Hopefully he'll be done in a few days and I'll be able to get it into the game and start running VAC secure servers!In the mean time, however, here's today's patch:


Hello!Edit: if you experience the no damage bug please report the output log. (instructions in crash logs under bug reports subforum)Additions:-Added garages1 window + 1 support = 1 garage port2 shutters + 2 bolts = garage door1 pelt + 1 can = 2 ducttape-Added it so that claiming a bed unclaims any other beds you claimed.-Added a "server full" message when joining a full server.

Update 2.0.8

Hello!I tried to respond to more e-mail, but it's now pouring in faster than I can reply. Pretty crazy! Also apparently the VPN tool "Evolve" has gone offline since so many of you are using it to avoid portforwarding! Additions:-Added braziers and chests (which hold 6 items!)1 crate + 3 cross = 1 chest2 sticks + 2 bolts = 1 brazier-Added the ability to build outwards and upside down-Added some other new recipies:1 rope + 1 cloth = 3 fertilizer1 scrap using 1 handsaw = 3 wire1 cloth using 1 handsaw = 3 rope-Added collateral explosions to explosives. (shooting a landmine sets it off and will blow up any nearby explosive devices)

Update 2.0.7

Hello!Additions:-Added sirens to emergency vehicles which can be toggled with the control key.-Added weighting to the day/night cycle so that daytime is 60% and nighttime is 40%. Previously it was 50% - 50%.-Added saving to Bambi mode, as people found it confusing because my original intention was to create a mode where you can start from scratch each time.

Update 2.0.6

Hello!Judging by the replies to the polls yesterday you guys really want Steamworks servers, so I'll get right to work on that. In the mean time the server list has been disabled as it just isn't good enough right now, but will return with the new server integration. You can still connect by IP to a portforwarded server running the same version as you.

Update 2.0.5

Hello!First off one very important issue is the servers. Due to the massive number of players the NAT facilitator can't be used anymore which is making it difficult to connect to servers, and therefore only port forwarded servers with a good connection can be joined. To help solve this, however, it would be possible to redesign the multiplayer from scratch to use the Steamworks networking API which would enable the following:

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