New Page Layout!

Lots of changes happening recently on our page, which are meant to provide better and easier access for desktop users as well as for mobile users.

It should be now much easier to navigate through the UnturnedCompanion using your phone and it will be slowly optimized even more.

Other recent changes to the page: Update Notes

Update Notes


  • Added Earpiece.
  • Added devkit save window.
  • Added devkit object inspector.
  • Added devkit asset browser.
  • Added base functionality to devkit selection/transform tool.
  • Added devkit undo/redo transactions window.
  • Added per-server instance maps/bundles folders for limited server hosts. Update Notes

Update Notes


  • Added Walkie Talkie.
  • Added ability to pop out editor windows and keep in fullscreen.
  • Added new upgraded translation system.
  • Added basic visuals for selection and terrain brush tools.
  • Added new undo/redo system to the devkit.
  • Accepted 9 new curated workshop items.

Postcard from Hawaii

Today I was checking my inbox when I came across this postcard from the community modding team who helped work on the Russia map! Update Notes

BattlEye Anti-Cheat

One week in and BattlEye has permanently banned approximately ~3,700 confirmed cheaters! BattlEye's been hard at work on improved custom detection features for Unturned and there's been a lot of progress on flat out blocking most current cheats. You can check if a cheater you suspected is BattlEye banned by the "Game Ban" visible on their Steam profile. Also note that if you skipped the BattlEye install step you can still run Install_BattlEye.bat in your Unturned/BattlEye folder to set it up!